The Barba Zuane philosophy is simple and authentic. The atmosphere is romantic, relaxing and intimate, whether you want a solo or group dining experience. With its discrete charm and unique atmosphere, Barba Zuane is certainly the best you will find in Rovinj.

Located within one of Rovinj's prestigious location, our restaurant is located in the heart of the city in the Venice Palace Basilisco of the 16th century. The romantic and elegant atmosphere, surrounded by ancient stone and warm brown tones and traditional and natural materials evoke the old days of Rovinj and Venezia.

Kitchen Barba Zuane is the best blend of Italian, Mediterranean, and of course, the Istrian cuisine. The meals are healthy, made from fine, fresh ingredients, based on the local olive oil, local wild fish, selected pieces of meat, quality pasta, delicious vegetables and fruits. Sea salt crystals, bay leaf, basil, rosemary, create a compelling, nostalgic flavor and aroma of the Mediterranean.